The activities offered by WbW aim to promote the creation of relationships with positive role models between young people and mental health/surf professionals, in order to promote regulatory capacities and contribute to healthy development.

Our sessions aim to transfer the basic rules of a therapeutic group intervention to the beach, where we seek to promote a safe environment, based on respect, dialogue and empathic and active listening. We make crisis management, common in populations such as those we work with, a pillar of our intervention.

Wave by
Wave Session

The Model is based on this circular idea that all actions, thought out in advance, then subject to further reflection, lead to a growth process that will constructively impact the therapeutic actions and attitudes of the technical team towards young people.

Each session has
the following structure:

Prior Meeting (1 h)

The multidisciplinary team meets for an initial meeting, sharing emotions and reflections , preparing the session plan, thinking about the approach with each young person, and organizing the logistics of the day.

Session (2h30)

Divided into three moments:

_Initial round: where the topic of the session is addressed and a space for sharing and reflection is opened.

_Surfing: young people have access to surf initiation and improvement of technique, as well as an individualized relationship with the different members of the surfing and mental health team.

_Final round: we reflect on what the group experienced that day, a moment for sharing, where important milestones are celebrated such as birthdays, school graduations, family events, among others.

Balance Meeting (1h30)

The multidisciplinary team gathers after the session for the logistical arrangement, starting by sharing of emotions and reflections, filling in the Behavioral Observation Grid, the records/field notes, and a reflection on each individual young person with an empathic, human and in-depth approach.

Children and Young People

Annual Intervention

Integration in a weekly basis therapeutic group, throughout the academic period (October-June). This intervention, due to its continuity, is the backbone of Wave by Wave’s work.

Summer Camps

attendance of a therapeutic group on a daily basis, over a week (5 days) during the summer break periods.

Therapeutic Mentoring Service

Support service for young people over 16 years of age, on the threshold of adulthood.

Occasional Events

Celebration of important days at Wave by Wave that represent an opportunity to reinforce the feeling of belonging and community.



Cycles of Surf Therapy Sessions for Adults working in the area of ​​risk or trauma.

Stress and team management

One-off and/or continuous sessions on stress management, working with teams, team building, with companies or workers in risky contexts.